Developer Steven Longay updates TreeSketch, the Free Interactive Tree Modeler to version 3.0. Adding significantly expanded export options, such as the OBJ mesh format and high resolution composite ready rendered images where textures can now be exported with the model, TreeSketch 3 also adds the ability to export tree models to DropBox.

TreeSketch is a fully featured interactive 3D tree modelling application for your iPad

TreeSketch also adds a new hybrid growth algorithm, improving the consistency between treed modeled interactively and trees that are grown autonomously, while leaving the previously available algorithm as an “artistic” choice.

Rendering has also been updated to include scattered light and shadows, allowing you to easily change the direction of light interactively by dragging the sun in the sky. The interesting thing about the new TreeSketch 3.0 is that it remains free for the iPad, available on the iTunes store.

A number of features and parameters have been added or changed since TreeSketch version 2.0. The most important are listed below.

Model export

  • In addition to iTunesConnect, models and images can be exported via Dropbox. Export options have been significantly expanded and include the obj mesh format and high resolution composite ready rendered images. Textures can now be exported with the model.


  • The hybrid growth algorithm has been introduced to improve consistency between trees modeled interactively using brushing and trees grown autonomously. The original sketching and growing algorithm remains available as the “artistic” algorithm.


  • Rendering has been enhanced to include shadows and scattered light. Direction of light illuminating the scene can be interactively manipulated by dragging the sun in the sky.
  • Trees can carry fruit, buds and thorns. Their distribution and appearance can be controlled via a dedicated tab.


  • TreeSketch 2.0 “flowcurves” have been replaced with the sketch-based tropism option to improve control of growth direction using sketching.
  • TreeSketch 2.0 post-editing of branches has been improved by replacing over-sketching with multi-touch branch bending.
  • Key architectural parameters can be more conveniently manipulated using specialized widgets.
  • Color attributes (hue, saturation and brightness), including those of textures, can be manipulated using specialized colored sliders
  • Growth and/or rendering parameters from previously saved trees can be loaded as presets for new growth.
  • Brushing gestures can be visualized to illustrate the construction of the models.