Animation Rigs provides some tech-tips for Maya Animators taking a look at some tips for getting better control from a character rig’s controls in Maya through the use of some manipulator tricks and some workflow hotkeys.

This tech tip covers a couple of ways to make our daily use of manipulators more efficient and practical through hotkeys and custom axis

Showing a quick way to access world, local, or object space transformations with the corresponding tool’s hotkey in Maya, and left clicking. This is available for all the transformation tools, and their respective hotkeys, in Move (w), Scale (r), Rotate (e), providing a quick way to change world or object space for the Maya Manipulators.

This is also the foundation to providing a way to create your own custom access, allowing you to set the manipulator to a reference in the scene, either setting it to point, edge or face of an object’s direction, which Maya will remember between selections.