Vinhson Nguyen provides an in depth look at the changing compositing workflow using the new CineWare in After Effects CC edition, creating some simple 3D text compositing into a live action shot.

We’ll be extracting and transferring tracking data between the two programs, setting up shadow catchers, and playing with multi passes and mattes to achieve our desired results

Vinhson covers the complete workflow using the CineWare bridge between Cinema 4D / C4D Lite, and After EFfects extracting and transferring data between them and setting up shadow catchers, creating multi passes and mattes using object buffers, and even breaks down the independent passes showing how to bring everything together in After Effects.

If you have not used Cinema 4D before, this is a great introduction into using the new CineWare tools in After Effects CC, so check out the tutorial for Compositing 3D Objects with Cineware here.