LightMap, announced a bunch of stuff recently, For one, a new product name in HDR Light Studio 4 Complete which is then new blanket that will encompass the suite of tools supplying the variety of 3D applications with live connections.

LightMap are the makers of the incredibly useful Light Studio which allows you to create and edit HDRI lighting in real time providing visual feedback with a variety of “live” plugins to your favorite 3D application.

HDR Light Studio for Modo

Announcing HDR Light Studio for Modo, LightMap recently releases the main HDR Light Studio application as well as a live connection kit for Modo 701 SP2 users, supporting LightPaint and point and click lighting right in Modo.

To coincide with the release of the dedicated MODO product and HDR Light Studio 4.2, Lightmap are also renaming the HDR Light Studio 4 product to HDR Light Studio 4 – Complete

The new MODO Live connection kit is included in HDR Light Studio – Complete, and LightMap are providing a free update for existing HDR Light Studio 4 users. HDR Light Studio 4 for Modo is available at LightMap for £195. Also, LightMap are running introductory pricing of just £169 (from July 23rd to Midnight GMT August 6th).

Update to HDR Light Studio for 3DS Max

To add to the Modo release news, LightMap also announced a significant update to the HDR Light Studio Live Connection to 3ds Max, which previous to this only supported working with V-Ray. Now if you are using 3ds Max and HDR Light Studio, you can now also work with Mental ray, Maxwell Render, Octane Render, and even the Thea Renderer. This also includes the 3ds Max Design releases for 2013-14.

To find out more about the latest announcements from LightMap HDR Light Studio 4 Complete, check out HDRLightStudio here.