Lucas Morgan has updated his procedural rock generation script for Maya, adding a retopologize function, which will create more refined geometry which will be more adapted for sculpting and displacements providing even sized faces with high shape retention.

a major addition of a retopology feature for retopologizing the rock geometry after it is generated

Lucas does note that this is a “pseudo” retopology system, basically laying the groundwork for a fully functional retopology tools in the future. The important condition is to create some degree of evenly sized faces while retaining the rocks initial shape, and this does a great job of that.

If you recall from a previous post, the The 1 Click Procedural Rock Generator for Maya will generate unique rocks and stalagmites in seconds with a procedural tool set, and here Lucas runs through the new feature and demonstrates how the various parameters of the scripts’s new Retopologize Function operate.

To find out more about the update to the RockGen script for Maya, the 1 Click Procedural Rock Generator, check its home at CreativeCrash here.