Büro Bewegt covers using the iRay render in Cinema 4D, the physically accurate unbiased and interactive renderer from nVidia’s Mental Ray. By the way, did you know that you can get Mental Ray and iRay from Cinema 4D? – Not me. Like VrayforC4D, a third party, this time at² GmbH, takes care of providing an embedded renderer for Cinema 4D in both Mental Ray and iRay.

With m4d iray preview window, you’ll get a new interface element for your CINEMA 4D environment that enables you to get live render previews of anything you do

Covering using iRay in Cinema 4D from displacements, to Fresnel, the mia Materials, subsurface scattering as well as some GPU basics and tips for scene setup, Büro Bewegt walks you through the power and flexibility of iRay in Cinema 4D for Rendering.

m4d iray for CINEMA 4D offers a free trial to use, with the full version priced at 590 Euros. To learn more about Mental Ray and iRay in Cinema 4D, check the M4D site here.