Jan Walter Schliep takes a look at one of the lesser known features of Xfrog 3.5, the Separator, which can be found in the tree or leaf component of Xfrog. Jan raises and tries to provide an answer to the question, “when would you use the Separator option in Xfrog and when would you not”.

This clip shows why and when to use the Separator option of Xfrog 3.5 – and when not

Jan notes that initiating the Separate command, at first appears to do nothing in Xfrog, as there is no visible change in the model, however a closer look reveals what is actually happening.

The Separator component to Xfrog serves to detatch components from one another, which can be useful when modifying or editing an object, With Jan’s example, we can see that it is sometimes better to turn off the option to open up new options for modeling in Xfrog.