After Effects | Creating a Mirror Ball Animation With Native Effects

At times it can feel like the After Effects 3rd party and extension market is actually larger than After Effects itself, with developers filling in large corners of what functions seem to be missing, or weak in AE.

It is because of this that we may often forget that After Effects on its own can be used to create a lot of the effects that are offered by third party developers, and proving that point, FloMotion posts a look at creating a mirror ball animation completely in After Effects without the use of any special third party plugins or effects.

how you can create this mirror ball animation without the use of any third party plugins

The mirror ball animation not only features, of course, a 3d spinning mirror ball, but also some volumetric light effects for a slick and polished look. FloMotion notes that the composition uses the cel pattern effect, glow, sphere, fast blur and turbulent noise…clean and simple.