Working With Animated 3D Objects in the After Effects Beta

Flomotion shows how to work with the latest 3D features that let you import animated 3D Objects in After Effects.

A lot of work has transformed Adobe After Effects over the years, and the meandering and aimless feature of 3D in After Effects is finally getting a determinant direction. The latest version of the After Effects Beta lets you import animated 3D objects and work with them directly in the software.

Here, FloMotion’s Florian Fueger has put together a demonstration of working with animated 3D objects in After Effects. The tutorial shows how to create a tracking scene with a dinosaur, how to 3D-track a camera, integrate 3D objects, and use the Animation option to animate it.

The rest of the industry pushes forward with Universal Scene Description (USD) as the future of asset exchange formats among DCCs; the After Effects team chose GLTF (Graphics Library Transmission Format) for After Effects.