After Effects | Hyle Offers a New Way to Create and Share After Effects Content Though an Understandable Text Syntax

An interesting development in the world of After Effects recently, in Hyle, a plugin for AE that offers an IDE within After Effects, allowing you to script and author content using a simple text syntax. Hyle will read the text file and generate content based on the text file’s list of commands, making it easy to automate, modify, generate or share After Effects content.

Hyle allows you to generate and modify After Effects content from a simple and understandable text syntax

Hyle will automatically highlight your code as you write it, and for the most part will allow you to automate everything – not just effects, keyframes and presets. Hyle allows you to automate everything including arranging the layer stack, organize the project panel and generate entire projects instantly.

Think of Hyle as being very similar to writing and playing back a Photoshop Action, only for After effects. At the moment Hyle can generate projects from Hyle Scripts and cannot create a script from an existing After Effects project, however that is in the works.

Hyle is definitely worth a look, check out Hyle for Scripting After Effects Automation here.