Tracode recently started a beta program for Tracode MIR version 2, which boasts speed increases of up to 3X faster in some cases. Still under production, Trapcode MIR 2 has some handy new features complete, with a long list that are still to come.

MIR is a 3D fractal generating, animating and rendering plugin for After Effects that creates animated meshes mesmerizing in various rendering styles

Trapcode Mir creates quick-rendering 3D shapes that are built on the power of OpenGL, previewing your effect instantly so you can keep on designing

The Beta program for MIR 2 is open to anyone, if you don’t own MIR 1.0 however, you will get the watermark when rendering but, if you own a paid copy of Trapcode MIR 1, then the beta will work normally. Check out the Trapcode MIR 2 Open Beta Program here for more information.