After Effects | Creating a Working Jaw in a Character Using 3D Layers

Still focusing on creating, rigging and animating a character’s face in After Effects, David Legion continues his series, this time showing how to use After Effects’ 3D layers and Mettle’s FreeFrom Pro Plugin to build a working animatable jaw for your character’s face.

We’ll use 3D layers and layer masks to create a jaw and hair band for the puppet head

This is turning out to be a very valuable and insightful resource for rigging a character’s face in After Effects, using the best of After Effect’s available tools and plugins and mixing them together to create some complex systems for animation. Here David shows how to get Mettle’s FreeForm 3D to work well with After Effects native 3D Layers.

Check out the tutorial for creating a working character’s jaw in After Effects using 3D Layers and Mettle’s FreeForm Pro here.