Way To The Nautilus from EQUILOUD.

Way To The Nautilus from EQUILOUD. on Vimeo.

Way To The Nautilus // Personal Project

Sound by: Gerrit Elbrink
Motion by: Uwe Schweer-Lambers

Gerrit used NI Synthesizers such as FM8 and Massive for the main sound design. All sounds were created from the initial patch and custom made for this particular animation. All presets can be downloaded from our website. Battery 3 Factory Kits were used for Drum and Percussion elements in the arrangement. www.humanworkshop.com
Uwe used Cinema 4D and its Mograph Tools for the animation. Editing was done in After Effects. He also recorded a few related Tutorials, which were released beforehand: https://vimeo.com/54797252, https://vimeo.com/53273330, https://vimeo.com/61825060. You can also visit his site and say "hello!": www.equiloud.de

Enjoy and have a nice day!