Cinema 4D | A Look at TradigiTOOLs, Providing a More Traditional Workflow for Animation

as the name suggests, TradigiTOOLs is a mis of transitional elements in digital tools. Created by Bret Bays for Autodesk Maya and now Cinema 4D, TradigiTOOLs sets out to promote a more traditional workflow for animation, helping set keys and breakdowns with some general tools to make an animator’s life a little easier.

It helps set keys and breakdowns, and has numerous workflow tools which were designed to make an animator’s life easier

Here, Bret offers an overview for using TradigiTOOLs walking though the interface and how it can help with animation within Cinema 4D. TradigiTOOLs has proven to be an TradigiTOOLs is provided as open source released under the BSD license and has been an established tool for many animation studios and animation students alike.

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