Maya | Previs Camera Tools 2 Adds More Cameras and a New UI

The Previs Camera tools for Autodesk Maya automated building cameras using preset definitions of popular real life cameras. Recently taking advantage of the holiday break, Cinematographer Matt Workman updated the Previs Camera Tools to version 2 adding many more camera presets, as well as a smoother and mor functional user interface for the tool.

after using the script in production for a while I had A LOT of things I wanted to add

There are five key new features to Previs Camera Tools, noting the aforementioned User interface which has been changed to better utilize drop down menus, and minimizing the amount of room the tool took on screen.

Another addition to version 2 is the addition of a lot more cameras realizing that certain projects might require you to visualize a go pro camera or a blackmagic cinema. Previs camera now has added the ability to choose a focal length when the camera is created, adding the most common Cinema Prime lengths to the list.

The tool now has a new Create Aim at selected object command, where you can set an aim at the location of the object that you have selected in the Maya viewport, and finally the Previs script will now allow you to set the size of the camera by selecting real-world scale.

To learn more about the Previs Camera Tools v2.0 for Maya / MEL be sure to check out Matt Workman;s site here.