Use the Crop Factor to Properly Match Real World Camera Footage in Maya

The Render Blog posts another snippet form the newly released CG Generalist course with a look at setting the Crop Factor size in Maya cameras.

If you are matching a real world camera in Maya, it is important to note the sensor size of the camera so that you are able to match it for your scene. Without this, the scene will not be the same perspective as the original footage, even though you have used what appears to be the correct focal length.

Here, we find out how you can properly set your 3D camera in Maya to match the real world camera by using the original sensor size or the crop multiplier in the

In this video we show you how to properly set your 3D camera to match the real world camera, either by using the original sensor size as the crop factor, or by using a crop multiplier in the focal length with a simple expression.

CG Generalist Course Pricing and Availability

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