Add Camera Rigs Add-on for Blender

Wayne Dixon shares his Add-on for Blender, that when installed will add two new camera rigs under the Armature menu for easy access. The add-on will let you create two fully rigged cameras, one as a crane and the other as a dolly rig. Both rigs are inherently similar, although the crane rig will allow you to achieve cinematic crane shots by adjuring the arm height and length of the camera rig.

The Camera tool was designed to increase the functionality of a camera by creating a control rig that has custom shapes and an interface to easily get to the camera’s settings. Creating a camera from the Add-on will build a rigged camera at the cursor location and set it as the active camera for that scene. When the camera rig is selected, the properties will show up in the panel.

To find out more about the Add Camera Rigs Add-On, Check the Blender Wiki page for it here: Add Camera Rigs

Also, you can find a download of the Add Camera Rigs Addon at Wayne Dixon’s GitHub page here: Add Camera Rigs