Modeling to scale in Maya or any 3D application has become increasingly important, not just for proper proportions, but also as an integral part of physical rendering. Building things to proportionate scale is much easier by having an item of reference in your scene.

That is the basis for this short tutorial where Yun Khang Lai shows how to quickly create a height reference card for the size of an average human.

here’s a quick video for those who need my Height Reference MEL codeNYun Khang Lai –

The process is rather simple in building a rectangle out of non-rendering Curves in Maya, and finding and shelving the MEL code so that the process can be repeated at the click of a button.

Taking it a step further, Yun Khang Lai shares a tip for putting the the script into a custom marking menu in Maya, using the Marking Menu Editor.

Again, really simple stuff, but really useful to the point where I wondered why I don’t have one!

More with Maya Marking Menus

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