Creating Custom Deformations in Cinema 4D

InLife Thrill posts a quick tip for creating custom deformations in Cinema 4D. All you need is a null in the scene, a shape to deform, a spline, and the inheritance effector.

By default the inheritance effector in C4D is set to not deform, but you are able to set it’s deformation by object, point or polygon. Adding the shape as the falloff radius of the effect will allow you to deform the object with the selected custom shape.

Once it is set up, moving the target object will deform the shape using the spline and the falloff setting as a guide. The Custom Deformations in Cinema 4D will even allow you to be flexible. You can easily change the properties for the custom shape, and see the result in the deformation. In fact, you can swap out the shape, and still have the deformation take place with the new custom shape.