Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin For C4D Can Easily Override All Materials In Your Scene

Leon Weickert shares a little plugin for Cinema 4D in The Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin. The plugin is a simple to use material override plugin that will easily override all the materials in the scene by adding them as the last tag. This makes it easy to replace and set material for all objects in your scene with a click or two.

The Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin overwrite all materials in your scene by adding them as the last tag

Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin can add or remover an overwrite material tag and set the overwrite material as the last tag allowing you to set all materials in the scene with a simple drag and drop. The Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin runs under Mac and Windows versions of Cinema 4D R13-R15 and can be found on Leon’s site here: Devert MaterialOverwrite Plugin.

Creating a Material Override

A while back, Yader, (Derya Öztürk) demonstrated how you can create a material override in Cinema 4D without the use of a third party plugins that would work with any renderer. Similarly, Pano4D has a plugin available that would allow you to override materials as well.

Not really an override, but in the same ballpark, Jamie Hamel-Smith had a look at how to cover many parts of a model in C4D with one material easily and showed how to Apply a Single Material to a Textured Hierarchy in Cinema 4D.