After Effects Animatable Isometric Cube Preset

Self taught designer and motion graphics artist Shinsuke Matsumoto posted a free download for his simple, yet super fun Isometric Cube Preset for After Effects. The preset will create an isometric cube from any shape layer in After Effects. It is quite a bit of fun too.

Do you, mographers, love the isometric design? I think that the flat shading isometric elements are fit for motion graphics. So I made free Isometric Cube Preset for After Effects. If you’re interested in my GIF above, download the preset and play around with it now!Shinsuke Matsumoto –



The Isometric Cube preset will also pre-rig most the attributes that you would need to animate the cube, including height, width and depth, as well as outline color and thickness.

There isn’t a lot of control, but what more control would you need? The preset is really easy to use, and fun – offering the popular isometric, flat design look.

Simply put the preset into the After Effects preset folder, either “Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files (Windows)” or “Applications/Adobe After Effects CC (Mac OS).

Get the Isometric Cube Preset

Check out the Free Isometric Preset for After Effects CC specifically or the version for After Effects CS5.5 and above here. Shinsuke Matsumoto notes that this is offered as a freebie, so support is out of the question, but would still like to have feedback or impressions on the preset.

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  1. Shinsuke Matsumoto

    Thank you so much, Lester! I’m very honored that my preset was covered by your article.
    As you said in your article, I want to know of the impressions and see the artworks made with it. So I hope everyone enjoy my preset and make something with it.

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