How To Bake C4D NURBS into Point Level Animation

Ryan Somerville shares a quick tutorial for how to go about baking a Sweep NURBS (or any other NURBS in C4D) object into PLA (point Level Animation).

I found out a way to bake out any NURBS object to PLA in Cinema 4D. Found out this process on a project I did a couple of months ago involving a lot of spline animation with dynamicsRyan Somervile

A NURBS objects by definition are built from control vertices that generate a surface on the fly, essentially being resolution independent much like the trusted bezier curve in the 2D world.

This means that there are no “points” to speak of to create PLA or point level animation from. Needing the convenience of modeling with NURBS objects, but also requiring the flexibility of PLA, Ryan set out for a solution to bake out Sweep NURBS so that he was able to edit the vertices with a correction deformer.