Practical uses for the C4D’s Polygon Reduction Tool

Dan Conrad goes over the polygon reduction tool in Cinema 4D and explores some of the more popular and effective used for it.

Dan notes that although the Polygon Reduction tool is listed under the deformers section in Cinema 4D, it is more of a general and useful utility.

It’s a magic wand of sorts for that kind of effect when combined with a reduction in the phong angle on a Phong TagDan Conrad –

The immediate use for the polygon reduction tool is often creating the popular low poly art look. A more functional use would include decimating a mesh for manageability.

Scanned datasets have a highly dense mesh, and with the polygon reduction tool in C4D, you can bring down the number of faces to a more manageable number.

Dan also looks at using the polygon reduction tool for assisting in soft body dynamic simulations. Dense meshes will bring dynamic simulations down to a crawl, and the polygon reduction tool can offer great results for managing the task.

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