How to Make a Low Poly Car in C4D

Eli Prenten Shows How to Model a Low Poly Car With Cinema 4D in This Beginner’s Tutorial.

Are you just starting with modeling in Cinema 4D? ONe of the best ways to get your feet wet is to begin by modeling low-poly objects. They are fun to build and pretty fashionable to render too. Belgium-based Interaction Designer & Teacher Eli Prenten (@twistereli) has an excellent tutorial that shows how to create a low poly car, adding it to his growing list of low-poly tutorials.

Prenten covers all the basics for modeling a car that also includes lighting, materials and rendering into a final animation. “So many of you people have shown me their results on the cute, simple house tutorial. So why not put a car on that driveway? ” Prenten says about his previous tutorial. Prenten offers the scene file for download – check that out here with this direct link.