Python in a CG Pipeline MasterClass

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CG artist Paul Winex shares his last lecture, which was a masterclass in using Python in a CGI Pipeline. Paul shows several examples and ways in which python is used in a production pipeline, and offers the extensive resources used in the discussion.

In this masterclass I will show several examples and ways in which Python is used in CGI Production Pipeline.Paul Winex

Paul’s masterclass covers an introduction to the CG Pipline, the implementation of PyQT, Python operators in Houdini, creating a live connect and data transfer, and demonstrated a correct pattern for building object oriented programming.

On January 30 there was a masterclass called Python in CG Pipeline:

Python in a CG Pipeline

The Masterclass covers what a CG pipeline is and why you would want one. There are severe examples of tools for this explanation of a pipeline and introduction that were built in python, used by both studios and freelancers. The tools offer workflow enhancements, automation and customization.

Paul then looks at the features of the QT Framework within Python, and looks at non standard widgets within both Autodesk Maya and Nuke, and even looks at using PyQT in SideFX Houdini.

Paul also looks at some examples showing how to use Python to create operators in Huodini as SOPs, COPs, and OBJs. Paul also show how ti is possible to use Python to move on to File-less transferring of data between different software packages.

To get the whole picture, you should visit Paul Winex’s site here for the Python in a CG Pipeline MasterClass.

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