Creating an X-Ray Effect in Maya

The more I dive into physical rendering, the less I find that I rely on some of the older nodes in Maya’s HyperShade. The Sampler Info Node is one of those nodes that I have not touched in quite a while.

This tutorial explores how Maya’s sampler info node can be used to create a realistic x-ray effect in Maya by using the mia light surface node as the sole source of lightMega J

The Sampler Info Node, for me was used quite often to create a glass shader. It offered an easy way to create (or fake create) a Fresnel Effect.


Of course, this would not be done in Physical as the physically plausible monolithic shaders handle all of those features, and do it in a real-life accurate way, where the Sampler Info Node does not.

However, there are some uses for nodes like the Sampler Info that cannot be replaced. Such as the task for creating custom outlines, the Sampler Info excels. In this tutorials we can see a great use for the Sampler Info, used to create an X-Ray Effect in Maya.

Sampler Info X-Ray Effect in Maya

Mega J offers a look at using the Sampler Info to help create an Xray Effect. Using it to catch the edge details of the model when it is rendered.  Also seeking the help of the mia_light_surface, that will give the rendered edges an illuminated glow.

The mia_light_surface node will make a surface into a light emitter when using the mental ray renderer, which will be important for creating the X-Ray Effect in Maya.

The process for using the Sampler Info Node to create an X-Ray effect in Maya is a simple one, and if you are familiar with using the sampler node, this will be nothing new to you. If you are getting started in Maya, this is a great and well planned tutorial that is easy to follow along, while giving you great information along the way.

A Welcome Note

Mega J dropped me a quick email to tell me that he has been visiting the site for a long time, and he has made this, his first tutorial in the hopes that it helps other get to speed in their learning process. I appreciate when people give back, to me that is what it is all about – so thanks for that Mega J.