If you have shied away from using the sculpting toolset in C4D, you should know that they can be useful, but also, sculpting can be quite fun as well. The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel has been messing with sculpting in cinema 4d more and more lately by his own admission, and has posted a quick primer to get you up and running.

…a quick primer to get you started in Cinema 4D sculpting

Joren covers how to set up your sculpt in C4D, and goes over using stamps and presets. He also shows us how you can use height maps to quickly sculpt a terrain object, using maps that were acquired from terrain.party.

Using the sculpt-tools in C4D are useful for technical tasks, such as creating blend shapes for animation rigs, but can also be used to shape-out entire objects. As an example of that, Amin Kasraian shared a look into creating and rendering a gummy bear with Cinema 4D tools, a while back.