Timur Baysal has a look at his experimental project, Verve Painter. Verve is a small painting application that uses fluid dynamics and brushes to push the paint around, with great results. Verve is still in early development, but from the demonstration, it seems incredibly fun and tactile to work with.

Verve – an experimental fluid dynamics based painter This is just a quick little demonstration of its present state, very early in the developmentTimur Baysal – Taron.de


Verve Painter

Verve started out as a sandbox area for another project that Taron was working on. realizing that there might be something there, he started to build a fluid dynamics based painter, and Verve was born. Verve Painter’s fluids work entirely on the GPU, including the application’s interface. This makes it impossibly small, the entire application is only 260K, smaller than most JPG images these days.

Verve Painter is free, only requiring a graphics card no older than three years, and it is only for Windows systems. To join the process and give some feedback, you can visit the development forum for a download of Verve Painter here.