Triangulator Script Builds a Triangulated Image Effect in Ae Using Shapes

Alex White posts an After Effects Script for creating highly stylized triangulated images and clips. aw_Triangulator can animate masks in After Effects using the Ae Built in tracker, creates Nulls from those mask vertices, then builds a triangulation effect using After Effects Shape Layers.

The Triangulator script offers an additional panel that will allow you to easily customize the result, or add expressions throughout all the selected layers’ targeted properties.

aw_Triangulator has two fill options for the triangles, gradient and simple fill which will fill the triangles with a flat color. You are also able to easily adjust the color radius, stroke width with the “Triangles Controller” Layer.




How the Triangulator script works in After Effects

The Triangulator script is not completely automated. Rather it provides the tools you would need to put together a triangulated image. The Triangulator script uses animated mask vertices as the points needed to create the triangles.


To that end the script will provide a panel with a few buttons on it that will apply tracker information to your mask points, apply the mask, create nulls needed for the triangulation effect, and then triangulate the element that was prepped.

You first start out by drawing a mask shape in After Effects. Once the mask shape is created, you need to animate the mask either using a script, pasting in a mocha Mask, or by using Ae CC’s built in mask tracker.

Once you have a tracked mask you can hit the “apply mask” button in Triangulator’s panel. You then need to convert the animated mask to points by using the “create Nulls” button.

the final step is converting the nils to shape layers with the Triangles button.


after effects triangulator



Triangulator script for After Effects is available through VideoHive for a nominal $13.00. To find out more about aw_Triangulator for After Effects and see some more sample, check the page here: aw_Triangulator script for After Effects.