Using Mocha Pro Remove and Insert Tools to Remove a Logo

Imagineer System’s Mary Poplin offers an in depth look at using Mocha Pro to remove and replace a logo in a shot. Mocha Pro has some great tools that integrate with its planar tracker, including the Remove Module and the Insert Module, both used here.

how to use mocha Pro’s Remove Module and Insert Module for logo replacement

Mary provides some amazing tips throughout the tutorial, and touches on much more concepts than the title implies. Mary points out what to look out for when tracking tricky moving fabric in a shot, in this case, the back of someone’s jacket.

Mary uses the grid warper tool to render out a pass that has motion blur and wrap, and ends up finishing the shot in After Effects. The techniques are shown in AE, but are the same compositing concepts for any system including Nuke, Fusion or Autodesk.