Use the Mocha Remove Module for Removing Unwanted Elements

The Mocha Remove Module can be a valued tool in production, allowing you the ability to remove unwanted things form shots easily. For the most part, using the module is fairly easy, all that is required is a root, and a track in a certain order.

With just these two required elements you can get rid of anything that is unwanted in the scene. The problem becomes, how exactly do you Roto and track a shot for the Mocha remove Module to do its thing?


Mocha Remove Module

Imagineer Systems Product Manager Martin Brennand has a look at just that, offing a glimpse into providing an overview of how the Mocha remove module works, what to look out for when using it, and how to devise a plan for difficult remove tasks.

As an example, Martin shows how you can remove a fish from a shot, and how to deal with tracking the background when elements in the shot will get in the way.

If you are using After Effects and the bundled version of Mocha however, you will find this workflow missing as Mocha Remove Module can only be found in Mocha Pro, Imagineer System’s standalone VFX tool.