Building Your Own Maya-Style Wrap Deformer in Blender

Easily create a Maya Style Wrap Deformer within Blender using Blender’s Mesh Deform Modifiers. The Maya Wrap Deformer will allow you to effectively manipulate a higher resolution mesh with a much simpler one.

Maya’s Wrap Deformer

In the Maya deformation system, a low resolution mesh can almost be used as a lattice which can be used to deform another shape or object.

how to use the Blender Mesh Deform modifier in such a way so that it can be used to emulate the functionality of the Maya Wrap Derformer

This becomes useful for some rigging tasks where it becomes much easier to animate, control, or paint weights for a much more efficient object, rather than one who’s mesh density would increase the complexity of the workflow.

Blender’s System

Max Hammond actually takes a look at building a Maya style Wrap Deformer right within Blender, by using Blender’s Mesh Deform Modifier as the basis.

Max brings up the point that the Maya wrap deformer is similar to Blender’s shrink wrap, but rather than having the vertices stick to another object’s surface, the wrap deformer will allow you to use one mesh to deform another.

This technique in Blender will also work with Shape Keys in animation, following through with the deformation, even though the incoming base shape has changed.

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