Rigging the Next Gen Feature Film With Blender

Rigging Dojo Talks With David Hearn About Rigging With Blender for Netflix’s Next Gen Feature.

Blender is no joke folks. The free and open source 3D application was recently used on the Netflix film, “Next Gen”. In a world where 3D character work is dominated by other DCC’s, Tangent Animation chose Blender to create a feature film, produced in conjunction with Baozou. The film aired on September 7th on Netflix in North America.

Brad Clark in the latest Rigging Dojo podcast has an interesting and engaging talk with the project’s Rigging Lead David Hearn about working with Blender on a large scale production. In it, they are also joined by friend and Blender master Charles Wardlaw. Visit Rigging Dojo’s post, Blender Rigging for Netflix Next Gen to listen to the podcast along with an extensive repository containing Blender rigging resources.