Top 6 Characteristics of a Good Rig

Dikko runs through his top 6 requirements for a proper character rig for animation.

While everyone has a preference when it comes to character rigs in 3D, there are a few things that are industry standard. That is a truism across all applications, so no matter what your favorite 3D tool, a character rig should be about the same. Some things may vary, though, and here, foul-mouthed Blender user Dikko covers his top 6 characteristics of what makes up a good rig for characters and other things.

Dikko covers things like how important it is to have clean transforms on meshes and controllers. Hoe essential easily comprehendible controls in a rig are, and those controllers should be free of constraints. Dikko’s last tutorial seemed to create an almost cynical stir amongst animators where he showed how to create animation on the 2’s in Blender using a bit of automation. I feel that animators prefer a manual artist-driven approach.