MoviePrint features

  • Drag and Drop one/multiple movies 

  • Customize the Output Settings

  • Define desired In- and Outpoints

  • Choose frames individually

  • Save your MoviePrint

Creating a contact sheet of images that are snippets from a video clip can be really useful to send out for client approvals or to share an overview of your completed work. Until recently, a contact sheet from a video has been a bit of a chore to produce.

The recently released MoviePrint is an OS X native desktop application that will allow you to create a contact sheet from an entire movie instantly.

MoviePrint is an OS X native application that lets you create screenshots of entire movies in an instant


MoviePrint for Video Contact Sheets

MoviePrint is as simple as dragging and dropping one or more movies into the window, then providing you with some options to customize the output settings and desired in and out points. MoviePrint will also allow you to choose frames from the video individually, letting you scrub each frame on the contact sheet to choose an appropriate frame.

MoviePrint is a unique tool from the mind of Jakob Schindegger, who has made it available on aescripts +aeplugins site, as an initial beta release. For the moment MoviePrint is only for OS X systems and requires version 10.7+

Creating Contact Sheets From After Effects

We have had a look at some other tools and techniques to create a contact sheet, in After Effects, Sheetah Sprite Sheet tool will allow you to create a sprite sheet from your Ae Comp.

You can also create a contact sheet on your own, with the help of Frederik Steinmetz who walks through creating a contact sheet in After Effects filled with still frames by having them display all in one composition.

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  1. David Jolosky

    AWESOME tool for exporting storyboards for clients!

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