Create Motion Streaks With a Hand Drawn Look Dynamically in After Effects

Mikey Borup posts a look at how to create a hand drawn animation look without really hand drawing it. Creating  motion streaks or action lines to your After Effects animation can add so much. Giving it a hand drawn look will give it a more rich feel.  But what if you don’t have the time to hand draw out every frame?

Get your hipster on and create some great logos and idents that have a hand drawn look

Following along with this tutorial, you can create motion streaks dynamically. Mikey shows you how to generate them by using the cel pattern effect to create a high contrast element for the motion, and the echo effect to create the motion streaking effect.

From that point, it is just a matter adding some simple effects to the streaks to look like they have a more hand crafted feel to them. Good stuff!