Create Your UV Maps with BodyPaint

BodyPaint is a bit of a lost and neglected stepchild when it comes to the C4D family. It’s the kid who hangs around, is really quiet and doesn’t receive much love- despite the fact that it can be actually quite useful. BodyPaint offers a way to unfold UVs from complex models.

Pauly, (the rusted pixel) is 3D Modeler and Motion Graphics artist who takes the application to legitimacy by making a case for using BodyPaint for creating UVs. Pauly shows how he uses BodyPaint to create UVs for models in Cinema 4D, and provides a good blueprint for easily creating UVs in a familiar environment.

Over the course of the tutorial, the Rusted Pixel creates UV Maps, and shows how lay out UVs for the objects, Use BodyPaint’s Tile Maps, and covers some basic BodyPaint painting techniques. There is also a look at baking Ambient Occlusion maps, and some workflow tips for bringing maps to photoshop for further work.