Sometimes modeling complex objects can be much simpler by starting with the correct base shape. This is true of modeling a strawberry in 3D.

the points Selection of a low poly object is stored when i put it under a Subdivison-Surface and than converts them into a high-resolution Object

Here, Daniel Mozbäuche walks through how he created a strawberry model in Cinema 4D, and shows his process for taking a complex shape and building it easily with C4D’s standard tools.

Daniel Mozbäuche starts modeling a strawberry by creating a specific sphere primitive and using a bulge deformer to get the general shape, Daniel then duplicates the sphere to build out the pitted surface that will hold the seeds and randomizes the points a bit to create a more organic shape.

A cloner object will make short work of placing the seeds in the right spots. Then it is just a matter of creating some tweaks using the scale tool set to soft selection to target the lower areas of the model. This will be made into a vertex map that will act as a weight for the recesses of the strawberry model. A random effector will then take care of randomizing the clones so they look less uniform.