has always offered great tutorials for Cinema 4D, both beginner and intermediate level. Recently MographCandy’s Dan Conrad posted a Cinema 4D quickstart guide for getting into Cinema 4D Lite and Studio, along side a bonus more advanced dynamics tutorial to get you started.

After Effects CC comes with an installed version of C4D Lite, offering a great way to get 3D into After Effects by using an already established 3D application using the Cineware effect to talk back and forth between Ae and C4D.

The Cinema 4D Lite QuickStart covers pretty much everything starting from import, project and render settings, user interface, keyframe animation and runs down effectors, Zpresso and SweepNURBS.

The Cinema 4D Studio QuickStart guide picks up with some of the features that are not available in Cinema 4D Lite, such as dynamics, mesh modes particles projection and compositing tags.