Create Rain Effects Quickly and Easily with the Maya Rain Tool

Seem s like every time I need to create a rain effect, I am stupidly doing so by recreating it each time. The Maya Rain Tool offers a really simple and effective solution for creating Maya rain effects with a simple importable rig.


Amin Sadeghvand shares his Maya Rain Tool, which is a simple importable rig that uses Maya’s nParticles to create a “prepackaged” rain effect. The rig could not be simpler with the standard settings already to go for creating rain. If you set up a collision surface, such as a ground plane, or other objects, the rain settings are already configured to make use of those – adding secondary particle splashes to the rain as it hits a surface.

Maya Rain Tool Availability

The Maya Rain Tool is available off CreativeCrash and cans be downloaded as freeware. Check out the Maya Rain Tool free scene file here.