pMatch Offers 3ds Max Style Align in Maya

If you are a Maya user and you have seen how the align works in 3ds Max, you may have been a little envious. The Maya align tool is perfectly capable, although not as easily accessed or implemented.

pMatch is essentially a port of the 3ds Max “Align” tool

This is must be why Paris Richard Hall Jr. has creates an almost direct port of the 3ds Max Align Tool for Maya, comprised of 2 python scripts. With the pMatch scripts you can have an easy and instantly interactive way to align in Maya.


A simple panel provides the interface for all the aligning functions that you will need, offering control for alignment position, which portion of the current object to align (center, pivot, min or max), alignment orientation and scale matching.  Refer to the video for help with the install and a demo of its actions.

This isn’t the first port of the popular 3ds max style tool for align in Maya – almost two years ago we had mohamed from FocusGfx also do a port of the align tool’s functionality over to Maya. Check the post Align Tool Provides a More Practical & Functional Object Align in Maya, for more information.


 pMatch 3ds Max Align in Maya Availability

pMatch is available as freeware and can be downloaded from Paris Richard Hall Jr.’s site here. pMatch 3ds Max Align in Maya.