With the 30 days of after effects installment number 12, Joey Korenman shows the basics of how to make a walk cycle in After Effects using a character rig. Joey walks through a few techniques to get the walk to feel natural and easy to manipulate and make additions to.

In showing how to craft a walk cycle in After Effects, Joey uses a cool little rig from Morgan Williams, (faculty at the Department of Motion Design @ Ringling College of Art & Design). He designed this rig for use in the Jenny LeClue Kickstarter campaign, which I insist you all go support immediately because it is so cool.  The campaign ends August 21, 2014. Jenny LeClue Kickstarter

The coolest part is that you can grab and use the rig as a practice character rig for FREE that you can all download and build your own walk cycle in After Effects.  Here’s the rig: Morgan’s Character Rig.