How to Export Object Buffers From a C4D Clone

There are a few ways that you could develop Object Buffers From a C4D Clone, but are they really the best way? CreativMotion has a look at some methods for creating object buffers from a C4D Clone, paying particular focus to the method that will allow you to work parametrically.

Sure you can easily convert the clone and drop tags on it, but this will interrupt your workflow and your ability to go back and make changes to your scene. The argument to remain flexible in finding a parametric workflow for getting object buffers from a C4D Cone source becomes clear if you want the ability to modify your work and have some back and forth.

The tutorial runs through a quick and simple method, and a more advanced method, both using some degree of Xpresso to drive the tasks.

If you are creating object buffers in C4D, you may want to have a look at Charles Rowland’s (@RagingClaw) Buffer Booster plugin for C4D. The plugin is designed to save you time by creating Object Buffers in Cinema 4D for all objects in a scene and inserts them into the multi pass system.

Tomas Sinkunas also has a tool you might be interested in when creating object buffers in C4D. Renomi is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that helps you organize your rendered image sequences and maintain your Object Buffer names.