Introduction to Rendering ZBrush Models in Keyshot

CubeBrush hosts instructor Riyahd Cassiem how looks at the basics for Exporting a Zbrush model to KeyShot. This is a small excerpt from a larger training product from CubeBrush, that is a 3D-Based Character Illustration Bundle.

The 3D Character illustration series will get you started with posing characters, the intricacies of exporting the models from ZBrush, and importing them into Keyshot. Riyahd walks through and explains the entire process of creating character variants in ZBrush from an existing model, posing it, rendering it and compositing everything in Photoshop to create a handful of awesome illustrations.

CubeBrush notes that the workflow in the training series is what has become a standard in creation of high-end images for the entertainment industry – be sure to check out the 3D-Based Character Illustration Bundle from CubeBrush here.