Lexicon is prepping for a Keyshot release with the new Keyshot 6. The company has been hinting at some of the new capabilities of Keyshot 6, and will be posting a few advanced looks into the features in the standalone CPU rendering tool.

Keyshot 6 will feature some great new additions. Better workflow with materials seems to be coming in the release, with a new material graph for creating materials in a node based environment, new material animation features, and the ability to add materials onto labels. This should prove enormously helpful to creating product shots, being able to add things like water droplets onto bottle labels.

Another handy new feature is the ability to do geometry splitting right in the application. This will allow you to add materials and animate components much more easily, without having to go back to the host application where the model was created.

Some Keyshot 6 features include:

  • Interior lighting mode
  • Materials on labels
  • Material graph
  • Material animation
  • Geometry splitting
  • Realtime region render
  • Panorama camera animation
  • Shift lens with estimate vertical shift

Keyshot 6 is listed as coming soon. For a limited time, if you purchase Keyshot 5, you can receive a free upgrade to Keyshot 6. Visit the lexicon site for more details on Keyshot 6 and it’s features.