TypeGEMs Brings Ae Type Animators to the Forefront

Ae Type Animators are a really effective way to animate complex type block easily. One can say that there are two really amazing tools in After Effects that also happened to be burdened by the ability to access them quickly. I speak of course about vector shape layers and the type system in Ae.

TypeGEMs is a brand new effect that finally brings a user-interface to Adobe After Effects’ Type Tool

TypeGEMs and TypeGEMsRT aims to make type animation quicker in After Effects, by bringing the most important elements of the Ae type animators to the forefront.

TypeGEMs offers a comprehensive user interface and workflow ideology to type animation in After Effects. TypeGEMs is designed to work with animating type in three different stages. The user interface breaks down into the transition in stage, the stable state, and then the transition out stage.

This modular approach allows you to create and edit text selection and animation properties at any time, without loosing their previous settings.

TypeGEMs has some added features that include a built-in Inertial Bounce Module as well as a fully loaded Random Factory Module. TypeGEMs really makes creating Text Animations easy.

TypeGEMsRT is the ray-tracing version of TypeGEMs. It includes all of the text selection and animation features in TypeGEMs along with added ray-tracing features. This will allow you to build 3D ray-traced text animations using the TypeGEMs ideology.

TypeGEMs Features

  • Highly Customizable Implementation of Inertia Bounce
  • Detailed Control over Randomness
  • Pop-up Menus to Select Transition-in and Transition-out Directions
  • Includes Conventional as well as Novel Methods to Select Text Characters
  • Includes 70 pre-built “Type and GO” Text Animation Presets – each is incredibly easy to customize
  • Fast Previews and Renders – even for per character 3D Text Animations
  • Easily Switch Text Selection Modes from ‘Linear’ to Ramp Up/Down via a Checkbox
  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects CS6 and Newer Versions
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro’s Live Text Template (only with CC2014)
  • Requires Minimal Keyframes to Create Stunning Text Animations
  • FFX are Provided Separately for Quick Application to any Project
  • Independent and Full-featured Transition-in and Transition-out Modules


Availability and Pricing

TypeGEMs and TypeGEMsRT are both available via the TypeGEMs page here.

TypeGEMs and TypeGEMsRT are each priced at US$32.25. A bundle deal is available for both products at US$50.00. Check out the TypeGEMs page to learn more.