Interesting Ways to Transition Through Lines of Type in Ae

If you are in the position of creating motion graphics then likely you are in a position of animating lots of lines of type. There are more than a few ways to highlight the lines of type as they go by, or as they match to the voice over or vocal track. Transition through lines of type needs some sort of animation.

Sometimes when you are doing motion graphics you get stuck animating a lot of text

Still, you might be in a deficit to find interesting and watchable ways to transition between line of type. You should be creating a system that will allow you to easily edit the type, as well as create and edit the animation.

Mikey Borup shows us how to consolidate both those things in his latest tutorial. Mikey runs through a cool technique that he uses that can transition through lines of text and highlight relevant lines as it goes. Whats more, the type can be edited easily without interfering with the animation. On top of that, everything can controlled from one convenient slider. Good stuff!