If you are just throwing type at the screen, you are only doing a fraction of your job. Type can be one of the most important elements of motion design. Sadly can also be the one element that is often overlooked, next to sound.

creating 3D looking text using built in layer style effects & an animated reflection in After Effects

But how do you make type really pop on the screen? There are a number of ways for making type pop. One technique would be to add motion. Another would be to add layer styles to help bring the type to life in After Effects. Layer styles can also be layered for more complex looking type.

Here, Ukramedia.com’s Sergei Prokhnevskiy shows hot to bring type to life in After Effects and really make type pop. Sergei uses the often overlooked and underused layer styles in Ae to add subtle key lines and effects to the type. The tutorial finishes by showing how to create a nice reflection that can be animated easily for a realistic look.

The trend these days has been playing to more of a “flat” look, and this is more of the “rich” layered look that superseded it. However, it is still a great technique for making text pop in After Effects, that can be used anywhere.


Making Type Pop in After Effects

With such an important subject as type in Ae, thankfully there are no shortages of helpful resources out there. Here are a few that can help you with your next project.