Overview for C4Dome 2 for C4D

The RenderKing, Alessandro Boncio has a look at the newly released C4Dome 2, his tool for realistically lighting cinema 4D scenes for renders. C4Dome 2 is a plugin for cinema 4D that will allow you to easily light scenes with HDR images.

an advanced HDRI studio plugin that push to the limit cinema 4d standard render engine

C4Dome offers much more control over lighting, in that you are able to control the lighting and reflection attributes independently for their contribution to the final render.

C4Dome 2 was recently released to have better integration with C4D R16, making use of C4D’s new reflectance channel and what it has to offer in terms of reflection mapping with C4Dome 2. The plugin improves floor reflection attributes from the previous version, and has updated its layered HDRI maps allowing you to blend between your layers easily.

There shave also been additions to the rendering presets C4Dome 2 offers, and the HDRI Painter has been totally re-written to be much more useful and intuitive.

To learn more about C4Dome 2, check out its home on Renderking.it here.