Using Vector Math to Create a Spherical Mirror




Armin Halac put together a tutorial showing how you can create a spherical mirror using some basic vector maths to manipulate points in 3D space. Armin offers the groundwork for creating the spherical mirror, using pseudo code so it can be easier to read and transpose to the language and software of your choosing.

how you can use some basic math knowledge to manipulate points in 3D space

Armin used Fabric Splice in Maya for his example, and offers the completed spherical mirror Splice file so you can go through the code and see how it was written.

Armin notes that knowing vectors and points will allow you to fully understand how objects are positioned, translated around, how matrices work, how quaternions are rotated, aim constrains calculated and much, much more.

Check out the tutorial for Creating a Spherical Mirror using Basic Vector Math.